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Day 17: I am Starting to Daze

Your fragrance

That matches your elegance

Your beauty

That shows your entirety

I am starting to daze

Of your lips with gorgeous glace

I continued to get lost

In your loveliness I frost

Day 15: It was Really what I Saw in the Void


The talk continued

There was no solitude

Answers here and there

And then she started smiling out of nowhere


It was really what I saw in the void

You have the mien that I can’t even avoid

You have that smile that liquefies my soul

You have that look has a very inviting role

Day 14: I Didn’t Resolve

I agreed to interact

To reply is what I have decided

Because of choice I react

But I didn’t resolve to be affectionated   

Day 13: Then You Started Asking

You just don’t catch it

But you entice my eyes

You play with it

But I don’t want to break the ties


You grabbed my attention

Then you started asking

Questions of amalgamation

With my name at the beginning

Day 12: Coincidence

As the light walk toward

My sight won’t rebound

I know there’s no reward

Liking you is abound


As she approaches nearer

My heartbeat goes faster

She found a seat

Beside mine??? That’s neat


Day 11: You Represent

The room was noisy

Because of them

Then it became hazy

And you are the emblem


You represent light

The haze was blight

Them was no one

In the room was none

Day 10: She

Now I’m here, sitting

In our classroom, waiting

My seat was near the window, staring

Till she came in the room, dazzling

Day 9: I Wanted to Leave

I want to see her for real

I know this won’t stop with just a heel

I guess fantasy is not just enough

But leaving this void will be very tough


Not seeing her for real will not just be tough

It will be a nightmare…

Day 8: This Place is not Enough

I sought to get out

I know its not real

It was never been a bout

I wanted an appeal


I felt lonely

Even though, comforting

It was not homely

This is not satisfying